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11 March 2024

A startup dedicated to serving data

Source: La Vanguardia

Information is power, but an excess of it becomes a problem. Although not for everyone. Marc Serra Majem and Juan Ramón González saw a business opportunity in the large volume of data that companies need to process in real-time. “We identified this unmet market need from Mática Partners, a company co-founded by both employing 70 people, and decided to create another startup for this new business area,” explains Serra.

Still within Mática Partners, the entrepreneurs conducted a proof of concept that received €450,000 in assistance from the Center for Technological Development and Innovation of Spain (CDTI) plus €150,000 of their own resources. After about two years of development, the result was a tool that “filters information, but without being a bottleneck,” explains the co-founder plainly. To commercialize the tool, the startup Aqtiva Data Technologies was established in early 2021, which currently operates under the trade name Omma Data. Shareholders include Mática Partners, Marc Serra Majem, Juan Ramón González, and Astrid Camprubí. The co-founder, who joined as CEO, is no longer part of the management team.

The company expects to grow by 20% this year

“We help companies make responsible use of data, ensuring that the information is correct and that the results obtained from it will not provide incorrect indicators or results,” explains Marc Serra. These are financial, human resources, or customer data of companies. Omma Data’s clients are mainly multinational corporations “because they are the first ones who have had to deal with data,” notes the entrepreneur. Among the clients are Randstad, Parques Reunidos, Vocento or Zurich-Santander Seguros. They operate in Spain and Latin America, and the founders are seeking a partner to enter the US market. In parallel, the startup has received another €350,000 grant from CDTI to evolve its tool and be able to determine if data is incorrect and find the source of the error.

Based in Barcelona, where it shares space with Mática Partners, Omma Data employs nine people including the founding partners. In 2023, the startup’s revenue was €90,000, and the entrepreneurs expect to grow by 20% this year, reaching €110,000 in turnover.

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