OMMA Consultant Assistant

5 December 2023

OMMA Assistant is now available!

At OMMA we harness AI to enhance data quality processes for our clients. Why wouldn’t we extend this capability to improve access to training and support?

We’ve introduced our inaugural virtual assistant powered by ChatGPT. Our OMMA Consultant Assistant has been trained with the expertise of our Professional Services team to provide you with guides, tips, and step-by-step lists to help you learn how to use OMMA, create rules, and optimize results. We’ve even taught it to program using our quality library!

Moreover, for users with a ChatGPT Plus subscription, we can grant access to our OMMA Custom GPT.

First Steps with OMMA

In this example, we ask our assistant to recommend the first steps we should take as new users of the OMMA tool.

How do I create quality rules in OMMA?

In this second example, we ask our OMMA Consultant Assistant to explain step by step how to create quality rules.

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