28 November 2023

OMMA Data has been recognized by Netmentora at the DonaTIC23 Awards for its contribution to technological entrepreneurship

Source: El Referente

The “data reliability” platform OMMA Data has been awarded the special mention by Netmentora at the DonaTIC 2023 Awards, organized by the Government of Catalonia, in recognition of its contribution to female entrepreneurship in the technological and digital field. The award ceremony, coinciding with the commemoration of International Women Entrepreneurs’ Day, took place at the Convent dels Àngels in Barcelona last Thursday.

As a testament to collective effort, OMMA Data, led by the team consisting of Astrid Camprubí Hernández (CEO), Juan Ramón González (CTO), and Marc Serra Majem (CFO), was selected as a finalist in the DonaTIC 2023 Awards. This distinction highlights not only the individual work of Camprubí but also the synergistic collaboration of the team in the development and success of the platform.

Special Recognitions and Entrepreneurship

Since its creation in February 2021 under the name Aqtiva Data Technologies, OMMA Data has been a project that has evolved thanks to the joint efforts of its founders. The initiative, led by Juan Ramón González and supported by the strategic vision of Marc Serra Majem, emerged in response to the need to enhance real-time data quality.

Astrid Camprubí, CEO of OMMA Data, stated, “This recognition is an achievement for our entire team. Juanra, Marc, and I share a common vision and a strong commitment to innovation.”

OMMA Data: Innovation in Data Reliability and International Recognition

OMMA Data, formerly known as Aqtiva Data Technologies, has undergone significant growth and global expansion. The platform, a result of collaboration and effort from its team of experts, provides a comprehensive solution for validating data quality in real-time, enhancing business efficiency and profitability.

In 2023, OMMA Data has been selected by IATA Accelerate to participate in the Digital Identity project. Furthermore, the tool has recently been honored with the DHL Innovation Award for Supply Chain Digitalization, highlighting its ability to improve efficiency in logistic processes.

The company aims to solidify its position as a leader in data reliability, not only nationally but also internationally. This year, the company participated in Desafía Tel Aviv, an ICEX initiative promoting the internationalization of Spanish technological companies. Additionally, OMMA Data will continue its global expansion by participating in the Slush event in Helsinki at the end of November this year. With clients in Spain and a global presence in Brazil, Chile, Argentina, and Mexico, OMMA has achieved significant improvements in data quality, ensuring enhancements of at least 90%.

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