10 November 2023

OMMA Data joins Accelerate@IATA

OMMA Data has been selected to be part of the Accelerate@IATA program, organized by the International Air Transport Association (IATA).

The Cutting Edge in Aviation

Accelerate@IATA, launched in 2019 by IATA, aims to drive digital transformation in the air transportation industry. This is possible by connecting airlines with carefully selected innovative startups capable of providing lasting solutions for the sector.

Even in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, this initiative remains relevant. As the crisis did not diminish the need for innovation. In September 2020, they relaunched the program to meet the demand from airlines seeking innovative solutions as the industry recovered.

OMMA Data and Accelerate@IATA: Revolutionizing Digital Identity Management

OMMA Data focuses on Digital Identity Management within Accelerate@IATA, a critical topic in the age of technology and information. Our mission is to transform inaccurate data into real-time reliable insights, and this partnership marks a significant step in that direction.

Access to IATA’s expertise and collaboration with airlines provide us with a platform to drive innovation in digital identity management within the aviation industry.

Data Quality: A Challenge for the Aviation Sector

Aircraft maintenance data is indispensable for ensuring flight safety. Inaccurate or incomplete maintenance data could cause safety concerns to be overlooked, potentially compromising flight safety.

Similarly, weather data plays a crucial role in flight planning and decision-making for takeoffs and landings. Inaccurate weather data could lead to poor decisions by pilots, posing a risk to flight safety.

Furthermore, navigation data is essential for guiding aircraft to their destinations, and if not verified properly, there’s a possibility of aircraft deviating from their intended routes, potentially endangering flight safety.

Finally, load data is vital to ensure proper load balance and safe distribution within the aircraft. Incorrect load data can result in stability issues and, consequently, a threat to flight safety.

In summary, the accuracy and integrity of maintenance, weather, navigation, and load data are critical for ensuring flight safety.

Consequently, errors in any of these aspects can have severe consequences for decision-making and the aircraft’s stability during flight. Making good decisions relies on using high-quality data, and that’s why OMMA Data plays a crucial role.

A Collaborative Approach to Innovation

Accelerate@IATA operates by establishing specific industry challenges in batches. The program carefully selects these challenges in consultation with the Digital Transformation Advisory Council, relevant experts, and individual airlines.

Prior to airlines and startups collaborating to achieve an implementable solution, they thoroughly understand the challenges and potential solutions.”

“In addition, by providing businesses with the ability to ensure the integrity of their data, OMMA positions itself as a crucial tool for enhancing safety and efficiency in the aviation industry. As a result, OMMA is at the forefront of leading innovation in the sector.

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