OMMA among the TOP 5 AI Startups with the most potential

2 June 2023

These startups have been selected by a jury of entrepreneurs, which you can see at the end of the post. Eight startups participated in this call, and these are the top 5 with an average rating of 6.6, indicating young startups with great potential and room for improvement that should not be overlooked.

Let’s take a closer look at their businesses, learn their stories, and meet the people behind these AI projects: Voicit, HechicerIA, Process Talks, OMMA, and Dost.


It is the first native “data reliability” platform in big data that can integrate into any cloud or on-premise environment and leverage the company’s existing infrastructure to validate the quality of data entering the data lake, ensuring they meet the defined business criteria.

Additionally, it has an AI-based engine that predicts the best quality rules for each dataset, improving the user experience regardless of their technical profile. It is an agile, flexible, and fast solution (without delaying any process or decision-making) that enhances business efficiency and profitability.

Its history began as a spin-off of Matica Partners, a company that provides specialized Big Data and Artificial Intelligence consulting services to companies such as PepsiCo, Banco Sabadell, and Telefónica.

During a project designing algorithms for sales and finance forecasting, it was discovered that despite the algorithm offering 99.8% accuracy, the results were not as expected due to the poor quality of the data feeding into the algorithm.

 Two of the co-founders of OMMA sought a tool to validate data quality, and in their search for quality tools, they realized that the existing options at that time were large governance and quality suites that did not precisely meet their clients’ needs and were also extremely expensive and complex.

Its founders are Juan Ramon, Astrid Camprubi y Marc Serra.


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