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2 June 2023

OMMA among the TOP 5 AI Startups with the most potential

OMMA data selected among the TOP 5 AI Startups with the most potential chosen by Proyecta Podcast. Eight startups participated in this call. The 5 with the greatest potential were: Voicit, HechicerIA, Process Talks, OMMA, and Dost.


OMMA, the ultimate data reliability platform, seamlessly integrates into any cloud or on-premise environment. It validates data quality within your existing infrastructure, ensuring it aligns with your defined business criteria in real-time.

Moreover, it uses AI to predict the best quality rules for each dataset, making the user experience better for everyone, regardless of their technical skills. OMMA is an agile, flexible, and fast solution (without delaying any process or decision-making) that enhances business efficiency and profitability.

A bit of OMMA history…

Its origin traces back to Matica Partners, a specialized company providing Big Data and Artificial Intelligence consulting services to businesses.

During a project involving algorithm development for sales and finance forecasting, a significant challenge arose. Despite achieving a remarkable 99.8% accuracy rate, the results fell short of expectations due to data quality issues.

This challenge prompted two of OMMA’s co-founders to explore data quality validation tools. Their quest revealed a gap in the market. Existing options were costly and complex, failing to meet their clients’ specific requirements.

OMMA’s founders are Juan Ramon, Astrid Camprubi y Marc Serra.

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