OMMA Data winners of the ATICCOLAB  Pitch Competition (women edition)

30 May 2023

The third edition of the Pitch Competition Women Edition, organized by AticcoLab in collaboration with Fin2Go and Letslaw by RSM, has come to an end with the selection of the winning startups. In Barcelona, the jury named two winners due to the outstanding quality of the proposals presented. The awarded startups were OMMA Data, a data reliability tool, and FlamAid, a personal safety device that allows for alerting and locating emergency contacts. In Madrid, the winning startup was Nidus Lab, an artificial intelligence that optimizes building design, reduces time, and addresses sustainability.

The winning woman of the Pitch Competition in Madrid was Ana Lozano, CEO and founder of Nidus Lab. According to Ana Lozano, “the project is an interactive work that functions with a trial and error verification system. Until now, there was no tool available to do prospective strategic work in very early stages. And thanks to artificial intelligence, we are able to perform 50 thousand interactions per second, and therefore, be able to test different scenarios in a very short period.”

In Barcelona, the first winner was Astrid Camprubí, CEO and co-founder of OMMA Data (Aqtiva Data Technologies). In her words, “we have developed a platform that allows companies to validate the quality of the data they use for making strategic decisions in a very easy, flexible, and cost-effective way.”

The second winner was Julieta Rueff, CEO and founder of FlamAid. Rueff explained that the device “is mainly used in metropolitan areas and at night. It has a ring and is shaped like a grenade, you attach it to your bag, pocket, or clothing, and when you’re in danger, you pull the ring of your grenade. Automatically, a 100-decibel alarm starts to sound, alerting two metropolitan streets, and your GPS alarm is sent to both your trusted contacts and the police, so that help can come as quickly as possible.”


Quino Fernández, CEO of AticcoLab, stated that he couldn’t “be more satisfied with the outcome of this day dedicated to supporting female entrepreneurship. In each new edition, we discover more powerful projects and entrepreneurs. It’s a pleasure to share activities with them, enjoy their energy, and see how they interact and learn from each other and the speakers.”

14 projects were selected as finalists, eight to participate in the Pitch Competition in Barcelona and six in Madrid. They all presented their proposals to a jury composed of investors and collaborators from the entrepreneurial ecosystem. Along with the winners, the finalist startups in Barcelona were: Athos, Best Halal Trip, DuckWalk, EscapeUp, Lexy, and Miistico. Meanwhile, the finalist projects in Madrid were: BOXSR, FunTech Rocket,, LOGO, Circular Luxury Closet, and Yenxa by Almotech.

The winning startups have received a prize package that includes:

  • Three months of free membership in Aticco Workspaces’ coworking spaces in Madrid or Barcelona.
  • Fast track access to the five-month Acceleration Program for Startups at AticcoLab.
  • An online mentoring session with a mentor of their choice from the AticcoLab network.
  • Access to the Aticco community.
  • Media visibility.
  • An on-demand course of their choice from allWomen tech, valued at 500 euros.

The Pitch Competition has received support from the entrepreneurial ecosystem with the collaboration of Community Partners such as Crowdcube, Spanish Startups, 22@Network, Barcelona Activa, Google Cloud, allWomen, The E3 Initiative (ESADE), and Fuckup Nights, among others.

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