Live Fresh Biotech, Aqtiva (OMMA), AND Aranco Win the DHL Green & Digital Innovation 2022 Awards

26 April 2023

The III Edition of the DHL Green & Digital Innovation Awards, a competition organized by DHL Supply Chain Iberia to recognize and promote the most sustainable and innovative projects in the Logistics 4.0 environment, has awarded Live Fresh Biotech, Aqtiva, and Aranco as winners in the categories of Innovation for Supply Chain Sustainability,Innovation for Supply Chain Digitalization, and Innovation for Supply Chain Robotization, respectively. The companies received their awards at the ceremony held yesterday in Madrid.

The DHL Green & Digital Innovation Awards aim to publicly recognize those services, products, or innovation projects that represent an advance in the sustainability, robotization, or digitalization of the supply chain and that have a practical and direct application for logistics operators or companies that internally manage storage, transportation, and distribution activities.

“For Roberto Pascual, CEO of DHL Supply Chain Iberia, ‘”It’s extremely gratifying to see the excellent response that the industry has once again given to the call for entries this year. We have received 63 applications, 62% more than in the previous edition. Of these, 34 have been directed to the categories of Innovation for Supply Chain Digitalization and Robotization, and the remaining 29 have been submitted to the category of Innovation for Supply Chain Sustainability. The jury has evaluated immensely innovative projects that, based on sustainability, digitalization, and robotization, are marking a turning point in the logistics industry in Spain. It is now impossible to face a logistics environment without the latest generation of innovations that streamline the supply chain and give it increasing sustainability, safety, and optimization of time and costs.”

Live Fresh Biotech, a biotechnology company focused on the sustainability of the planet and the well-being and quality of life of people by generating negative carbon footprint and improving the productivity of companies, has been awarded the DHL Prize in the Innovation for Supply Chain Sustainability category for its sustainable cold solutions, which absorb heat and release cold for therapeutic, medical, sports, and industrial uses. The jury has taken particular note of the fact that the company has created the first range of isothermal containers for vehicles and dry containers, capable of operating without any electrical power and doing so according to each customer’s refrigerated storage and transportation needs.”

The DHL Innovation Award for Supply Chain Digitalization has been awarded to Aqtiva for their first native data reliability platform in big data capable of integration in any cloud environment. The platform validates the quality of the data entering the datalake, ensuring that they comply with the criteria defined by the specific business. In addition, it has an AI-based engine that predicts the best quality rules based on each set of data, improving the user experience regardless of their technical profile.

Aranco has won the DHL Innovation Award for Supply Chain Robotization thanks to their autonomous mobile wrapper robot that works unattended and collaboratively. This modular aluminum wrapper-AMR transforms the current process of an operator transferring the same pallet several times (unproductive work) into an automated and controlled process in which the machine performs the transport, wrapping, and data generation operations with more safety and time savings.

The best solutions, services or products aimed at achieving significant advances in the digitalization of logistics activity or their automation through robotics have been evaluated within the categories of Innovation for Supply Chain Digitalization and Innovation for Supply Chain Robotization. Specifically, DHL has identified areas of interest such as Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, the Internet of Things, Augmented and Virtual Reality, Big Data for transport and warehouse operation optimization, Collaborative Robotics, and Vehicles.

In parallel, the Sustainability in the Supply Chain Innovation category focuses on recognizing the company or institution that has submitted the best solution, service, or product that represents a significant advance in the sustainability of logistics activity, specifically in terms of reducing CO2 emissions or decreasing the use of fuels, saving the use of resources, improving waste management in logistics activity, or using recycled materials.

Live Fresh Biotech, Aqtiva, and Aranco, as the winners of the 2022 competition, in addition to achieving public recognition and visibility in the market for their innovative projects thanks to these awards, will have the opportunity to send three of their professionals to the DHL Innovation Center located in Troisdorf (Germany) and hold a working day with DHL experts to address topics such as the future of logistics, the main trends in the sector, or short- and medium-term development keys. All travel, accommodation, and meal expenses related to the trip will be covered by DHL.

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